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6th International Conference on
Contemporary Problems of Thermal Engineering
Online | 21-24 September 2020

Abstract CPOTE2020-1122-A

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Performance analysis of the first parabolic trough collector system for industrial process heating in Cyprus’ biggest soft drinks factory

Panayiotis KTISTIS, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
Rafaela AGATHOKLEOUS, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
Soteris KALOGIROU, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus

Around 94 % of the energy demand in Cyprus is covered burning fossil fuels. Transportation and industrial sectors are the biggest oil consumers, corresponding to 57 % and 20 % respectively. Apart from the environmental impact from the use of fossil fuels, fuel cost has a direct impact on the country’s economy as well. Based on these facts and having as a goal to reach the EU 2030 energy efficiency targets, an effective way to reduce the use of fossil fuels and energy consumption, is the use of renewable energy systems. From the various types of renewable energy sources, the mostly used one is the solar energy. Knowing that the ratio of direct to diffuse solar radiation in Cyprus is 70:30, a parabolic trough collector system (PTC) would be the perfect system for thermal energy production in higher temperatures than the ones can be achieved from the already widely used flat plate collectors in the island. The use of PTC systems for the production of steam or hot water, can be used in several industries and reduce fuel consumption. The main and most important requirement is space availability. This study presents the first industrial PTC system in Cyprus, installed at the biggest soft drinks factory in Cyprus, called KEAN. The performance of the system is monitored and analysed with real-time weather data collected from the on-site weather station. Additionally, a simulation model has been built in TRNSYS software, introducing all the parameters of the PTC system’s components installed in KEAN factory. The model is validated with the real measurement data. The system consists of two series of four PTC collectors with a total area of 288 m2, a steam generator (SG) and concrete thermal energy storage (C-TES). The purpose of the C-TES is to keep the system dispatchable and satisfy the required thermal needs even during the winter period. The system is operating in different operation modes and is controlled automatically by the main processor. In this paper, the data of several months of operation have been analysed in order to evaluate the operation of the system.

Keywords: Parabolic trough collector, Thermal energy storage, Industrial process heat, Steam production, Concentrated solar power (CSP)