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Accompanying person – registration guidelines

To efficiently organize the conference along with associated events, we kindly ask you to register your accompanying persons through the conference system before the conference begins. Please note that it might be impossible to do it later during the conference due to limited number of seats or limited space.

Why register an accompanying person?

To be sure that your accompanying person can attend the events of the conference register her/him in the Register accompanying person panel.

Who is an accompanying person?

An accompanying person can be your life partner, family-member, or a friend who accompanies you during this conference and who you would like to take to the dinner with you and/or on the excursion organized as a part of the conference.

Who cannot be an accompanying person?

An accompanying person cannot be the co-author of any of the articles.

What is the cost of an accompanying person participation?

You can check the fees for an accompanying person Conference fee and benefits. Please note that the 'early bird' discount is applicable for accompanying persons as well.

What are the benefits of an accompanying person?

You can check the benefits of an accompanying person Conference fee and benefits. An accompanying person is welcome to take part in the associated events: welcome reception, possible excursion and banquet.

Does an accompanying person receive a certificate related to the conference?

No, certificates will not be granted to an accompanying person.

Should an accompanying person register at the conference reception?

No, it is not required but appreciated. If the accompanying person does not register herself/himself, the person registering the accompanying person should retrieve the badge for the accompanying person. Each accompanying person receives a badge which allows for entry to the events mentioned above.

Can I register myself as an accompanying person?

No, an accompanying person can only be registered by a conference participant.